Coach Ghani helped me to navigate a very difficult family crisis with patience and insight. I firmly believe he helped me to deal with the issue in a way that prevented more damage and opened the door to self-reflection and healing. I would never have believed I would need help on a personal family issue but his objectivity and guidance helped me to resolve my crisis calmly and proactively. When our emotions are at a peak – especially when our children are involved – we need a guiding hand to see the long-term goals and to reign in our emotions. I cannot thank him enough for his advice and wisdom.



Coach Ghani was very helpful in helping resolve some issues in my marriage. We (my husband and myself) both found him very comfortable to talk to and very knowledgeable. Involving Coach Ghani helped us strengthen how we communicate with each other and stopped us from consistently staying in the same argumentative loop. I personally appreciated the comfort I felt in talking to him with no worry of judgment. Fully recommend his services!



“My experience with coach Ghani was a phenomenal, beneficial experience. He is a trustworthy person, and open to everyone’s personal opinions and questions. He is a good help to me when it comes to personality development, and many other lessons he had taught. I highly recommend anyone with personality disorders, anxiety, etc. to see him.”



I was lucky enough to discover Coach Hoseun Ghani after talking to a friend about some problems my family members were experiencing. He suggested I give him a call and l am so grateful that I did. Coach Ghani spent months working with them individually and was extremely patient and took his time trying to find the source of the problem as opposed to trying to mask it with quick diagnoses and suggestions for medication. He helped us to face old wounds and empty unnecessary baggage. We had so many amazing breakthroughs and new understandings that we are very optimistic about a bright and better future individually and together as a family.

I am so pleased to have taken the pre-marriage course with Hoseun Ghani. I use all the techniques he taught us in not only my marriage but my relationship with family, friends, and in my everyday life. I recommend everyone to take the premarriage course as it helped me so much!! Thank you Hoseun!