The Aim

The aim of this workshop is to help you understand the stages of use from first time to addiction and show you the way to be sober

Main topics:

  • Substance abuse and the brain
  • The first time ( why starting now?)
  • The stages from the first time to addiction
  • Common causes of  negative, feelings and  stress  
  • Dealing with substance abuse ( the way out) 
  • Protecting myself from alcohol, drugs

Participants will learn:

  • The horrific effect of substance use on the body
  • Being conscious to substance use habits
  • Practice healthy coping mechanisms 
  • Managing stress and the old  negative feelings
  • The facts of slipping from abuse to addiction

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Community workshops

We are pleased to offer our workshops to community centers and organizations in an effort to empower their members and allow them to play an active role in tackling the increasing violence, crime, and challenges within today’s society.

Coach: Hoseun Ghani

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