The Family Wellness Center for empowerment and support is dedicated to assisting individuals and family to overcome the barriers and challenges presented to them in order to achieve a healthy, harmonious, outcome for the individual, the family and society. These goals will be achieved using a culturally integrated approach within the community’s that the family resides.


To create a safe environment where one’s cultural heritage is embraced. Where questions are encouraged, listened to and answered in an educational compassionate manner. A place to turn to, to end the isolation and fear of exclusion and to understand that inclusion is not about giving up who you are but about personal growth, development and choice.



Giving the individual all the practical, psychological and social skills needed to take care of themselves in balance with their families and community.


Assisting the individuals and families to achieve a level of comfort and satisfaction living within a culturally diverse society as equal members.


Helping the individuals of all ages to develop an awareness of healthy perspectives’ and choices as presented to them in achievement of their goals of peace, health and happiness.


In order to ensure that professional best practices are being followed and respectful client-centered approaches are being used to keep the individual and their families positively engaged in the process while being able to achieve therapeutic outcomes.


Our mission is to provide quality professional services in a variety of formats including individual counselling, psycho-educational workshops and advocacy. We are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our community enabling our families to overcome their challenges and thrive as empowered integrated members of society, confident in their skills and abilities. This shall be done in an atmosphere of integrity and respect for diversity as well as compassion and safety for all members of our organization, community and society at large.


Hoseun Ghani is a community service worker who has a passion for helping others. He is a father of seven and grandfather of ten (and counting) who has a personal interest in the way relationships between parents and their child/or teen can be optimized. When issues do happen, he focuses on finding out where the break in communication has occurred and gives both parents and teens the tools needed in order to move toward a more understanding, supportive and meaningful relationship. He does this with focus on the family pattern and how it contributes to both family and individual issues.

Hoseun has had many years of experience in many parts of the world, dealing and engaging with different peoples and cultures. Despite our differences in backgrounds, he can attest to the fact that we all share the same concerns and challenges. These challenges can be addressed using tested and proven methods, which he can help coach you through.